Professional Tee System™ (PTS)

Pride Professional Tee System™ (PTS) is a proprietary system of printed golf tees that allows for easy identification of length and appropriateness for various golf clubs.


PTS Wooden Tees are made from premium hardwood and come in 5 different lengths (white or natural color). SHOP NOW
PTS Performance™ Plastic Tees are the most popular tee in the PTS family. They are engineered with special low-resistant heads that create less friction between the golf ball and tee. SHOP NOW
PTS Titanium Strength Wood Tees feature a thicker shaft for a longer lasting tee. SHOP NOW
PTS Micro Head Wood Tees have less surface area to promote less spin and increased distance & precision. SHOP NOW
PTS Step Wood Tees allow golfers to place their tee at a consistent height while using the proprietary printed system to fit the right tees with the right clubs every time. SHOP NOW
Professional Tee System™ (PTS) Green Grass Bags are available for Golf Course Pro Shops and Professionals. Free Displays are available with minimum purchases. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO