Pride Golf Tee® Brand

The Pride Golf Tee® Brand includes a variety of plastic, wood, bamboo and specialty tees, designed to fit the needs of any golfer. 

Step Wood Tee Hero
Pride Performance™ Plastic Tees are are engineered with a special low-resistant, four prong head that creates less friction between the golf ball and tee, resulting in longer drives. These tees come in a variety of colors and designs, including our popular Matte Finish colors and striped tees. SHOP NOW
Pride Step Wood Tees allow golfers to place their tee at a consistent height every time. These tees are designed with an easy to grip contour for easy insertion and removal. SHOP NOW
Pride Soft Performance Tees are uniquely designed with nylon bristles that cradle and support the golf ball, while reducing resistance and deflection during each swing. SHOP NOW
Pride Golf Tee Wood Tees are made of 100% solid hardwood and are designed to provide maximum performance and stability. SHOP NOW
Pride Deluxe Wood Tees are Made in USA wood tees that were developed to provide golfers with quality color options in a wood tee. SHOP NOW